How to Convert Petrol ,Diesel Car to Electric Car


How to Convert Petrol ,Diesel Car to Electric Car

According to the government's guide lines, if you have a petrol, or diesel vehicle and that petrol is more than (15) years and diesel (10) years old, then you cannot use it, in Delhi you cannot use a 10 year old vehicle. And electric vehicles in India are very expensive as compared to petrol and diesel and TATA Nexon EV, the best selling and affordable car in India, which would have started only from 14 lakhs, which is out of the budget of a common man. may


The prices of petrol and diesel are increasing day by day and people have to give part of their savings from their pocket even if they do not want to, their prices remain the same even after the decrease, so people have turned towards electric vehicles, increasing pollution. In view of this, the government is also motivating people to buy electric vehicles through subsidies.

If you do not have that much budget and you have an old vehicle then and you think that your car can last for more 5-8 years and are troubled by the rising petrol price, then you can convert your car to electric vehicle. Our Transport Minister Shri Kailash Gehlot ji says that if any Disel can run for more than a yearIf the vehicle is fit and movable, then it can be converted into electric vehicles and driven with electric motor in cities like Delhi. In view of this, the government asked to release a list of those electric companies which would take this concept forward.

Through this list, all the people who want to convert their vehicles to electric vehicles, they can go to those places through this list so that they will not have to buy expensive EVs at that time and their dream like buying an electric vehicle as well as a Swachh Will take India's dream to the heights

If you are thinking that if we will convert our old car to electric car, then you will not get any discount from the government and like new electric vehicles, then you are thinking somewhere wrong, the government has said that if If you convert your vehicle to EV, then there will be a system of incentives for them too.

How Much Does it Cost to Convert a Diesel Car to an Electric Car

Now you must be thinking that how much cost will have to be paid in the process of converting your vehicle into an electric vehicle, its cost depends on how much KWH your battery and motor are, whenever you get fat inside it - 4 to 6 See how it can cost up to lakhs
If your battery is 12 Kwh, motor 20 Kwh which can give you a range of up to 70KM, it may take you up to 4 lakhs.
Your battery is 22 Kwh, motor 20 Kwh, which will give you a range of up to 150 KM, which will get up to 5 lakhs.

Battery kwh     Motor     Range    Price

12kwh               20kwh   70kwh  4lakh

22kwh               20kwh   150km  5lakh

You must be thinking that this price is very high, this cost is high because now the companies converting to electric vehicles are less and it is mostly located in Hyderabad, gradually similar companies will start opening, then you have to see the changes in this cost. will meet

With this, when you convert your diesel, petrol car into an electric car, then like an electric car, you will also need an electric charging station point to charge the battery so that you can charge your car's battery. You will also have to install a charging setup at your home, which you can get the company installed, instead you will have to pay them.

The advantage of this charging point is that you put it before sleeping at night and sleep without worry because this charging setup disconnects it from the charge after full charge, then you remove it in the morning so that your battery will be fully charged.

Benefits of converting petrol, diesel car to electric car

1 : You will not have to think about the rising petrol prices, what you used to do in 200 rupees of petrol, you can do it for 20 to 40 rupees.
2 : You can save a lot of money by converting your old car into electric vehicles.
3 : You can use those vehicles which were to survive after 10 years by converting them to electric vehicles for many more years so that you will not need any new EV lane.
4 : Low Maintenance
5 : Cost-Effective
6 : The kind of warranty you used to get on a new EV battery, you will also get it.
7 : The biggest benefit of converting petrol to electric vehicles will be our environment.

Companies Converting Petrol, Diesel Cars to Electric Cars

Most of the companies converting diesel, petrol cars to electric cars are based in Hyderabad. In which Atrio and Northway are prominent. Both these companies can convert any petrol and diesel car to electric car. You can convert i10, WagonR, Spark, Alto, DZire, or any petrol or diesel vehicles to electric. 

The electric kit used inside cars is the same as that of Approx. To increase the range and power of the EV, there may be a difference between the battery and the motor, for now, the companies that convert to electric vehicles, in the future, only the companies that make electric cars will start working to convert petrol, diesel cars into electric cars.

How to Change Diesel Car to Electric Car? 

To convert diesel, petrol cars into electric cars, things like battery, electric motor, controller, roller, controller are used at the same time, all the kit is same, just to increase the power, the motor, battery gets separated in this process. In order to convert the old car into an electric car, the mechanical parts inside it like the engine of the car, fuel tank, cable wire which reaches the power and also things are changed, all these parts are installed under the bonnets of the car.In this way, a lot of boat space is also created. To charge the battery, the plug is put instead of pouring petrol, in this way your old car is converted into an electric car. This whole process can take about 7 days to complete.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Vehicles
Friends, everything has its advantages and disadvantages, the only difference is that some have a lot of profit and some have a loss and this concept applies to electric vehicles as well, electric vehicles have advantages but there are some disadvantages as well, whether it is electric car, bike Be a scooter, which is very important for you to know

Advantages of Electric Vehicles

Performance – Electric car is far ahead of any diesel car in performance, let us tell you, which is Hyundai KONA's advanced electric technology car, which is known for its powerful performance. It can catch the speed of 0 to 100 km in just 9.7 seconds.

Low Maintenance Cost – Electric car costs up to 70% less than diesel, petrol, this is because it does not have things like oil, oil filter, gas filter like other cars, so maintenance cost is less in it.

Save Fuel Cost – This electric car can make you travel from one place to another at the rate of one rupee per kilometer, so that you will not have to spend money on these petrol diesels.

Save Power System – Inside this you get to see the Regeneration System, which is a motor mounted on the wheel of the car, on hitting the brake, the pedal climbs up, due to which the battery starts charging again when the brake is applied.

Parking Free - For the safety of your vehicle, you have to park it in the parking lot and at some places it costs more. Whereas parking is free in many places for electric vehicles and it costs less than vehicles. Hence it is a good and economical option from the point of view of saving money.

Low Noise Pollution – There is very little noise in electric vehicles, due to which the sound pollution will also be reduced.

Eco-friendly – ​​The best thing about electric vehicles is that it is eco-friendly for our environment. There is no scope of causing any kind of damage to the environment due to such vehicles.

disadvantages of electric vehicles

High Price – Electric vehicles are very expensive in comparison to other vehicles whether it is a four wheeler car or a two wheeler car which seems to be out of the budget of a common man.

Battery Cost – The most important thing in an electric car is its battery, if it gets damaged or your battery gets stolen, then you can incur a lot of cost and the battery also has to be replaced after a limit interval, otherwise the vehicles may harm

Some Electric Vehicles Service Center – There are very few electric car service centers right now so if there is any problem with the car, you may have to wait a long time for the mechanic to fix it

Some Charging Stations – Right now the infrastructure of electric charging stations is not fully developed everywhere, only a few charging stations have been built so that you have to charge the EV at home, which will charge slowly.

Long Distance - If you have to go for a long journey or to go somewhere, then this will not be the right option for you because it has to be charged after some time which cannot give you instant power like vehicles like petrol diesel, it takes time to charge. Yes BUT if you can charge it at that place then hyundai kona will be best for you

Can petrol or diesel cars be converted into electric cars at home?

If you have the knowledge of all these things and you have all the equpwment then you can do it at home, I believe that you should get it done in companies only because this thing is technology, it is new and they know from where to get the wire. How to put the charging plug of the battery in the place of petrol, how to fit the battery, although it is a bit expensive now and such center work is quick, the government is also going to open many like this

Is there subsidy for converting petrol, diesel car to electric car?

On these also you will get to see a discount in the form of subsidy, which is available on electric battery, you get to see the subsidy according to the Kwh of the battery, you get it at ₹ 10,000 per kWh, so that you can calculate how much Kwh your battery is. and how much subsidy do you get

Where is the battery in an electric car?

We all know that the most important component in an electric car is its own battery but it is said that the battery in the car is placed on its base or on its surface, so that the balance of the car is maintained which is completely packed from below. you can see it from inside the car

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